Trainspotting Art Residency

Trainspotting Art Residency

Trainspotting Art Residency

Trainspotting Art Residency

Trainspotting Art Residency

Progressive community, wild nature & Industrial infrastructure.


The Forest Harbour community includes people from various backgrounds: architects, visual designers, photographers, IT specialists, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs. Architecture studio Šilta Šiaure, coworking space North Station, Bakas Art Gallery and Sawmill event space are run by community members.


Švenčionėliai is a 4k people town, easily accessible by train from Vilnius. The town was established with the St Petersburg - Warsaw railway station, built in 1863, and has kept some interesting railway architecture heritage. It is located in Aukštaitija, one of the most beautiful regions of the country, and surrounded by forests and lakes.

Resident's review

“It’s a perfect balance of parts for a creative community; in the countryside but easy distance for the city set and event guests, built upon and around a bracing industrial heritage but with the forest and all its peace a step away. And the community itself is calibrated ideally to the task of making the most from all the potential: a tight-knit and welcoming circle of architects and designers, musicians and makers, who have found in Svencioneliai a chance to balance astonishing hard work and creation with a slow pace and easy demeanor. It proved for me to be exactly the environment I needed – I produced in one week more writing (conceived and completed!) than I have in almost two years, and probably more than in any one-week period since university.”

Robert IsafWriter

“Švenčionėliai felt like a second home to me. The team was very warm and friendly. We came up with new activities to do every day. The beautiful nature by the river is great if you want some alone time. It is a great place to relax and a quality getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.”

Karolis GrubisMural Artist